St. Luke United Methodist Church
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Grow in Christ - Proclaim the Word - Serve Others

     I write this week’s letter from Asbury Theological Seminary, where I am studying and discussing the theology of John Wesley. Wesley reminds us that we are saved by faith in Christ, not by our works. Yet, he places great emphasis on living out that faith in tangible ways. God moves in the deepest places of our hearts and we are stirred into action. In other words, as we daily encounter the holiness of God, we are changed. We become more holy and more aware of the needs around us. God’s concern for others becomes our concern. As Wesleyan Christians, we are called to both personal and social holiness. I don’t think we can emphasize one over the other. That is why I am so glad that we have members who pray, study, and seek God while working on such ministries as the Duck River Dental Outreach, People’s Table, Harvest Share, Fresh Start, Celebrate Recovery and a medical mission to Nicaragua. We also have members who usher, acolyte, greet, sing, clean, set up and more.

     Ours is an active faith. Not only does God change us from within. But, the work we do creates positive change around us. May God help us become more holy in thought, word, and deed. May we serve God individually and corporately and may we help others with God’s help and guidance.

      On a side note, your Staff/Parish Relations Committee has voted to recommend I remain as your pastor. This is also my strong desire and the form indicating our desires has gone to the District Superintendent, Rev. Allen Black. If you ever have concerns or questions regarding our pastor and staff, please feel free to reach out to me, the staff member, or anyone on the committee.

God bless,

Pastor Don